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Concierge Counseling: About Us

Concierge Counseling

Do you have a hectic schedule and need a counselor who can accommodate that?

Do you need access to counseling when issues arise rather than waiting several days or weeks until your next appointment rolls around?

Do you need something more than a counseling session every few weeks? 

If so, concierge counseling services may be what you need! It's therapy truly catered to you.

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What's included in Concierge Services?

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Guaranteed Weekly Sessions

Sometimes, therapists only have openings every few weeks or once a month, but concierge counseling will give you a guaranteed therapy session every week. That's 4-5 sessions per month to work on your goals. Homework will be given each session so that growth can continue at a focused pace.

Extended Session Options

If you want to come for an hour, 75 minutes, or 90 minutes to get more out of your session, it's totally up to you. With concierge therapy, you always have the option of extended time. You'll be able to meet therapy goals sooner because you can get the equivalent of 6 weeks of therapy every 30 days.

Preferred Time Slots

Kristin's earliest to latest booking times will be available to you because you will be able to reserve your preferred times up to 2 months in advance. Her most popular time slots are 8:15 and 3:30, and you will be able to secure those times if that’s what works best for your schedule.

After-Hours Checkins

Sometimes, things come up between sessions, and you need to process it sooner rather than later. You will get 2-3 after hours check-ins with your counselor if you need them. These can be over the phone or Facetime.

Next Day Appointments

Sometimes issues are pressing, and it would be better to resolve them now, not in a week or two when you finally get to see your therapist. With concierge therapy, you will always be able to call and schedule a session for the very next day. This will give you peace of mind knowing you can get the help you need--when you need it.

No-hassle Cancellations

Life happens, and things come up. With concierge therapy, last minute cancellations or reschedules are no problem at all. You can simply text your therapist, and there will be no charge and no second thought. You can focus on what you need to get done that day. 

Get Therapy, Give Therapy

As a concierge client, you will partner with Kristin to provide therapy services for people who need it but could never afford counseling on their own. Each month of Concierge Therapy services will provide three sessions to individuals or couples from the surrounding community who work incredibly hard but still struggle to make ends meet. They will receive counseling either for free or at a greatly reduced rate because of this partnership.

*Two Concierge Openings in December

Contact us for more information about the monthly fee or to create a package tailored to your needs

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Concierge Therapy?

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