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Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling


What are your hours?

Counseling sessions are available Monday-Friday, from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. I offer some weekend sessions at an additional cost. Phone consultations are available Monday-Saturday, but feel free to call and leave a message anytime: 205-718-7100.

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Where are you located?

Cahaba Counseling (formerly Trussville Family Counseling) is located at the back of Trussville First Baptist Church on N. Chalkville Rd. When you get to the church, drive to the left side of the building and towards the back. The counseling office has its own sign and private entrance at the back of the church.

*By the way, if you aren't a Christian, please don't be intimidated by the location. We work with clients from all different backgrounds and belief systems. You are welcome here!


How much does it cost?

The intake and initial assessment is $150 and lasts 75 minutes. After that, individual therapy is $110 per one-hour session, and couples/family sessions are $130 and last 70-75 minutes. We don't want your finances to stop you from getting the help you need, so we have a sliding scale starting at $70. Click here for more information.

Insurance Agent

Do you take insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider. I can provide you with a super-bill in order to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Please note, it is the client's responsibility to verify out-of-network benefits with your insurance company. (If this feels overwhelming, there is a company called Mentaya who will submit your claims for you and handle any back and forth for a small percentage of the claim.)

Several counselors in Trussville take insurance, including some here at Cahaba Counseling, so feel free to check out Psychology Today if that is something you need.


How long does therapy take?

This depends on the client. Some people come for a few sessions and feel much better, and they are on their way. Others come for several months. Some clients use therapy as a form of self-care, like getting regular massages or checkups with your doctor. You will work with your therapist to figure out what's right for you.

If this answer drives you crazy because you like real numbers, I'm with you. The average length is 10-15 sessions. These can be once a week or every other week. But again, you will decide what you need.

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When can I begin?

After you reach out with a phone call and voicemail, Kristin will call you for a free consultation within 2-3 days. Once you've chatted and gotten any questions answered, you can schedule your 1st session. Kristin can usually see you within 2-3 weeks. She will often be able to provide you with resources for your particular situation so that you can start the therapy process even before your first session.

If Kristin is not the best fit, she can direct you to another counselor who is. We want you to get the help you need! 

Online Class

How does telehealth work?

If you live in the state of Alabama, telehealth sessions are available for you. Whether you need to remain physically distant or you cannot come to the office because of your schedule or location, we'd love to meet with you online in our HIPAA compliant platform. Whether you live in Jasper, Springville, Gadsden--wherever!--we are here for you via Zoom.

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