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About Me

Counseling background:

Hey guys, Kristin here! I am an Associate Licensed Counselor and National Certified Counselor who specializes in couples therapy. I help couples understand and improve communication patterns and help them work through past hurts in order to draw closer to one another.

I work at Cahaba Counseling in Trussville, AL under the supervision of Donna Marsh, LPC-S. I have a passion for helping others, whether it be through individual counseling or working with couples and families. My graduate work at UAB focused on marriage, couples, and families. 

Why I'm a therapist:
I used to be a teacher and research instructor at UAB, but I've always wanted to help people in a more personal way. In my early 20s, I had an incredible therapist who helped me navigate what could have been the worst years of my life. She walked with me as I left an unhealthy relationship, reconnected with God, and established a wonderful life on my own. She helped me gain confidence and a new vision for myself, and I love empowering clients to do the same.

While I love working with individuals and families, my greatest passion is working with couples. So often, couples come in on the brink of divorce, saying they've tried everything and this is a last-ditch effort. I provide a space for them to tell their stories and express their needs in a way that their partner can really hear them. They gain the tools they need to help them communicate better and argue well. Positive changes happen quickly in couples therapy, and there is no greater joy than seeing a marriage restored, happy, and whole. Not only for themselves, but for the generation after them.

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Therapy Journals
to Enhance the Counseling Process

by Kristin S. Penuel, MA

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In Light of Truth:
Thought Log Journal

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Jesus + Therapy:
A Counseling Processing Journal

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Jesus + Therapy:
Counseling Journal for Men

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Interior Preview
for Counseling Journals

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Meet Kristin: Projects
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Outside of the Counseling World

Outside of working as a therapist and creator of therapy journals, I am primarily a wife and mom. My husband and I live in Birmingham, and we are very active in our church and community. We have the funniest, sweetest 4 year old ever (he totally got his dad's personality!)  As far as hobbies go, we love traveling, going to concerts, watching our son play soccer, and jogging at the park. Okay let's be honest, it's more like walking :) Some of our favorite places to travel are national parks out west and to Mexico in the fall.

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